The Fire Walk

A Novel

Jon thought he’d grow up to be a wide receiver or maybe a bullfighter. Now his biggest adventure is trying not to drown in the piles of paper on his desk. Somehow, what he most dreaded has happened—he’s grown up to be just like his workaholic father.

Desperate to get away, Jon agrees to a work project in rural Colorado. As the outsider, Jon is thrust into a small town with big secrets. From a powerful land developer and his controlling assistant to an intriguing single mother with a mysterious past and a shotgun-wielding mountain man named Ghost—Jon has no idea who to trust.

But along the way, something unexpected happens. His heart begins to awaken, causing him to question if the man he’s become is the man he wants to be. In the search for answers, Jon’s willing to do whatever it takes to find a life that matters.

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