Join a group of men aiming to recover the truth about who we are and what we were made for.

We want our lives to matter. But often we fear they don’t.

Some of us respond by giving up and others by striving harder, trying to carve out some success. I’ve been in and out of nearly twenty different jobs trying to prove my worth through my work. But it was a lost cause. The answer is not a change in circumstances, at least it doesn’t start there.

What we need is a new way of seeing. We need a new framework for understanding the larger story and our role in it. Once we find that, we can recover the meaning we’ve been searching for.


I grew up in a church that did a lot of reading. The prayers were printed and recited in a call and response pattern. I would join with the hum of a hundred voices. If we were singing, the song was a single note. Because I didn’t understand at the time, my participation was passive…

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