We would love the chance to partner with you in offering the message of Formed for Good to your community. Below you will find a collection of topics Erik teaches on. To request more information or schedule an event, feel free to contact us here!

Bigger Than Me

Stepping beyond fear into a story that matters

What if instead of fear or confusion, you could wake up every day with confidence in who you are, clarity about what you are supposed to do and the conviction that it matters? God has made a way for us to walk with him knowing our identity and purpose. It’s available.

We will look at:

  •    The night I was hiking in a full ankle boot and got lost in the woods
  •    The story of this kid who grabbed a bear by the jaw and took him to the ground
  •    The transformation of young man who hears music for the first time

So Others May Live

Finding your mission without quitting your job

Instead of working for our identity, what if we could work from identity? Rather than focusing solely on what we do for work, we can shift to think about the how and why behind our work. This reorientation allows us to see how every job can become a ministry and a mission.

We will talk about:

  • The half-empty life boats dropped from the Titanic
  • A Coast Guard Rescue swimmer turned ninja
  • The day a Biology teacher decided to jump up on his desk

First We Are Sons

Learning to yield to God’s authority so we can walk in it

As God’s children we have his unearned love and affection. It was his joy to adopt us. But being a son also means humbling ourselves before God. The one who is willing come under God’s authority can also be trusted with his power.

We will talk about:

  • The time my sons fashioned an old file into a throwing knife
  • A Civil War veteran who was captured, befriended and trained by a band of Samurai
  • How to build a bike ramp out of scrap wood

The End Is Not The End

Living today with your eyes on eternity

Jesus broke the chokehold of the enemy and death no longer has the final word. As we look ahead to the time we will crossover from this life to the next, it is good to think about what stories we want to be told about us when we are gone. Then we can begin living those stories today.

We will look at:

  • A 70-year-old woman who taught her grandkids how to cliff jump
  • What the first Christian Martyr saw as he was being killed
  • How to use a basic military survival tactic when things go sideways on a Tuesday morning

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