Bigger Than Me

Stepping Beyond Fear and Into a Story that Matters

I am working on a new book about stepping out of fear and into a story that matters. The aim is to release by the end of the year.

Most my life I thought I was on my own and therefore it was up to me to figure everything out. The belief it all hinges on me leads to a deep fear that prompts one of two reactions. Either I strive to make it happen or I recoil and do nothing. I’ve tried both, over and over.

But there is another way. The truth is, we live in a story that is far bigger than any of us. The story doesn’t center on us but it does include us and we each have a crucial role. This means we can shed the pressure to perform because we aren’t alone. But it also stokes the fire to keep pressing forward because we each have work to do that matters.

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