We know viruses can spread. The threats are real. The human body is not impenetrable. And because of this we ought to heed wisdom and let love be our law.

While that is all true, the bigger enemy is fear. Not just fear of something but fear in general. It seems to be a living thing. And much like a virus fear can be shared and caught. Dallas Willard once wrote about a study involving mice and amphetamines. At a certain level of exposure, the mice began to die. Then the researchers introduced healthy mice into the group. Within minutes the drug-free mice also died.

We’ve experience this too. Grocery stores with empty shelves are the evidence. In pointing this out I’m not claiming an exemption. I’ve felt the oppressive weight on my back as well. We all have.

Now the shift to good news… Peace is also contagious.

Listen to peaceful people you will begin to feel it penetrate your soul. Jesus slept as the swells beat against his boat. In response to venomous hypocrisy he knelt and wrote in the sand. And on the night of his arrest and execution he healed a head wound and pardoned his killers. There is a reason he is called the Prince of Peace.

Before he died Jesus he promised us peace that overthrows fear (John 14:27). After defeating death he made good on the promise and sent his Spirit. It is no mistake that the symbol of the Holy Spirit is also the universal symbol of peace. The dove that rested on Jesus is available to us. In order to catch this peace we need to get in close proximity to him and abide there.

Maintain distance from viruses. Flee from fear and any who insist on preaching it. But draw close to Jesus. The more exposure the better.

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