Moby Dick reminds me of God (not the whale specifically but the book). I’ve never read it though it feels like I should have by now. My son actually told me the story. His favorite part was the way Ishmael survived the shipwreck by clinging to a floating coffin. He liked how Melville used something associated with death to save a life. The coffin doubled as a dinghy.

There is a Biblical through-line in which God takes what was intended for evil and turns it for good. When Abraham and Sarah schemed a plan to secure their lineage, a young slave girl was impregnated and then banished to a barren land. But God saw her. He made a well spring up from the dust and later gave an inheritance to Hagar and her son.

This pattern builds up to the cross. God took a weapon devised to prolong the pain of death and used it to rescue the world. What we built to kill, God used to bring resurrection.

A coffin becomes a lifeboat. Water springs up in a wasteland. The Savior beats Satan, sin and death.

The trend is from bad to good.

 This is how God has always been. And he doesn’t change.

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